Greek woman possesses bright beauty, southern temperament and a beautiful figure.

Greeks - people enough hospitable. To strangers concern affably, try to not show openly, that something is not pleasant to them. The temperament of Greeks is shown that they make all with the passion which is not knowing borders: has fun with passion, and are afflicted with her. Besides they possess unique talent to enjoy a life to full, to live happily, pleasantly to spend time. Here and now - motto of Greeks. And still they very quiveringly concern to ceremony of acceptance of meal. The dinner for Greeks is always high spirits, an occasion for a holiday. Not haste, not fuss: people with pleasure seat for a table to take pleasure in a meal.

Greek women unusually romantic. They consider, that to achieve their attention, the man should light in their heart - " Olympic Fire ". But as more and more the Greek men prefer more abrupt modern image, middle age of the introduction of the Greek women in a marriage steadily grows. Really can compared romanticism of the sea, a yacht, beaches or a cool of olive groves with tiresome and persuasive harassments of men?

In Greece the beautiful woman, that possesses long hair. The shape of beautiful Greek woman is supplemented always hairdress. Plentiful, magnificent, long hair one of first attributes of female beauty. To hair carefully look after. Also - beautiful Greek women not paint lips of bright lipstick, but all cosmetics means emphasize beauty of eyes. It is known, that the Greek women do not have problems with a skin. They have a smooth gentle skin, magnificent hair and strong brilliant nails.

From the childhood, about girl in the Greek family care and cherish. Therefore when she becomes the beautiful woman, she allows the man to look after herself and it brings great pleasure to the man. Greek woman - accurate, true. She in all and always obeys the husband, is able to prepare tasty Greek meal.

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