10 Mar. 2008
Added new article about Irish Women


Beautiful Irish women - red-haired with green eyes.

Sense of humour is considered in Ireland a criterion of advantage. Irish women possess good sense of humour. One more distinctive feature of Irish people, in the general opinion, and in their own opinion, it is necessary to name - friendliness and hospitality.
They will not miss an opportunity to involve in conversation of the foreigner, having shown, thus, kindness. Among features of national character of Irish people - curiosity and sociability.

At many Irish women very beautiful red, wavy, soft hair (natural by nature) and beautiful green eyes. Skin at beautiful Irish women - snow-white, and face of gentle-pink color. At girls almost never it happens spots.
All women in Ireland red-haired and green-eyed? Not everything, certainly. All women are different: with black hair and blue eyes, brunettes, blondes. But among red-haired women of all world, the Irish women the most beautiful. Because red color of hair and green color of eyes - their national feature.

Structure of a body at the Irish women, as well different as at all women. But also their national feature: the big breast. It at once is evident because they put on such clothes which emphasize their advantages, instead of hides them.
For validity it is necessary to tell, that it is possible to meet frequently women and girls, dressed not fashionably and their clothes very motley.

Irish women - fine, touching, lovely. It is simple and interesting to dialogue with them, they charming.
Other advantages: kindness, honesty, sincerity and sense of humour. Also can be not so important how they are dressed and as look. The main thing - they good people, kind and cheerful.

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