Italian women - temperamental, passionate and loveful.

Still recently was considered, that a parameter of well-being and stability of the Italian family is the not working young woman. She should conduct a slow way of life, support a cosiness of a house, look after herself and the husband, to bring up children. Today an attribute of the true family is female activity. Young mums aspire faster going to work. They want to learn occupation, to do career and achieve the big successes. Certainly not to the detriment of education of children and care of the husband. Italian women consider, need to give as much as possible heat and caress to kids, all free time is necessary spend together with them.

At beautiful Italian women magnificent hair. Their hair - national pride, is a gift of the nature. All of them possess dense, black, slightly wavy hair. Big dark eyes with long black eyelashes and with narrow beautiful eyebrowes draw a sight of men. Face of the beautiful Italian woman differs cleanliness of forms - a narrow, direct nose and a gentle beautiful mouth with few thick, but nevertheless gentle lips. It is necessary to tell, that they have beautiful figures (in Italy very few thick people) besides they carry good clothes. Many Italian women two - three times a week are engaged in trainings of the body. They visit studios of gymnastics, schools of dance, pools which set in all cities.

Italian woman very temperamental - she quickly and many speaks, at her a loud voice. Sensual, sunburnt, burning beautiful woman, can lift scandal at any minute. Men appreciate in her: sexuality, cheerful character and restlessness, sense of humour and bright feminity. Beautiful Italian woman likes to like men and to show beauty. From an early age she knows set of secrets how to be attractive.

Once meeting sunburnt, passionate with dark eyes and magnificent hair - beautiful Italian woman you will not mix her with any another.

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