Swedish women - very beautiful natural blondes, self-assured, independent.

Swedish woman possesses northern temperament, she is cold, natural, solid, tactful and patient. Her character can be described differently: respectable, correct, boring, but during too time the beautiful Swedish woman is an ice and a flame. In spite of the fact that she the independent, Swedish woman can appear emotionally fragile. Support of her romantic feelings is necessary for her.
The man should be ready to support conversation about a politics, economy, ecologies, to discuss last novelties of the literature and cinema. Because Swedish women very clever also love long conversations on serious themes. Also they possess very good business qualities: rationality, accuracy, a thrift, steadiness, thoroughness, diligence, reliability.

Beautiful Swedish women - high blondes with blue eyes and a white gentle skin. Many sunburnt women, but this consequence of visiting of solariums (very popular in Sweden). Also there is enough a plenty of beautiful women with dark hair. Swedish women use cosmetics a little, prefer natural, ecological clean cosmetics, do a natural make-up. They are very clean: a bath at them - one of the most visited places in the house. Also they frequently visit sports halls. Swedish women carry simple jeweller ornament, but very interesting design and use perfumery moderately, keeping natural beauty.

Swedish women try to keep independence as it is possible longer. They do not hurry up to get marriage, living in civil marriage, or everyone in their family and meet on the days off. They prefer to have free relations with boyfriends and do not hasten to connect itself in marriage. But if single Swedish woman will want to get marriage, she there and then forget, that such "feminism". Even at very much occupied business woman, the refrigerator is always complete, and the tasty supper in the evening is ready. Swedish women differ surprising ability to create a cosiness in the house, probably, because of a severe climate in the country. Many fine details in each room: napkins, figurines on journal tables, pictures on walls. Cosy house of Swedish woman - is a dream each housewives.

Being representatives of northern nationality, beautiful fair-haired Swedish women with blue eyes, detain on themselves a man's view.

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